Respectful Citizens in a World of Possibilities


During the 2018/19 school year we considered the school’s vision and the values we thought underpinned that vision. The children, staff, parents and governors were involved in the process which in itself was interesting, challenging and rewarding. 


It was felt that the school motto of 'Learning Together for a Better Future' was still wholly relevant, but from here we developed a vision with two threads. One relates to who we want our children to be as we nurture them in school - RESPECTFUL CITIZENS. And the other is about how we ensure they understand that there are no boundaries or limits and that what we can't do is just not yet in this WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES. 


Our curriculum, ethos and practices are built upon these threads with a focus on seven core values: 


Confidence; Curiosity; Ambition; Resilience; Creativity; Co-operation & Kindness.